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A best in-class plastic extruder, we guarantee to provide hi-quality and precisely engineered single and multi-material extrusion profiles for our customer’s requirements.  Privately owned, Profile Xtrusions was founded in 2003.  Profile Xtrusions was originally known as Precision Plastics and re-branded in 2014 in order to achieve a stronger identity in the marketplace.  The entire facility is 97,000 SQFT.  Currently Profile Xtrusions occupies 54,000 SQFT of the facility with seven extrusion lines and three co-extrusion lines.  
We have the ability to provide custom Cellular Foam Extrusion, Hot Stamping, In-line and off-line fabrication and high speed in-line ink jet printing.  We can provide engineering services for plastic materials, parts and mating components, and we offer Custom color matching through our colorant suppliers.

Our internal QA department is based on ISO standards and procedures.  Common testing like rigidity, flexibility and hardness, shrinkage and heat distortion, color spectrometer and customized testing development per customer specifications are offered.
Common materials extruded include PVCs, High Heat, ABS,  Polystyrene, Poly Carbonate, Ethylene and Polypropylene.  
We support a variety of markets including home repair and improvement, window and door components including decor, transportation (foam separators, conduit boxes for semi-trailers and door seals), Industrial (Electric insulating) and furniture (Trim molding, framing elements, sealing strips).  Industry references are available upon request. 
Please email or call if you have any questions at 1-800-431-7435.
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